Thursday, August 21, 2014

We're burning with the world


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  1. Dear Dahlia,

    Greetings from London. I'm been a restless wanderer too for twenty years. 85 countries visited and I lived in ten. Im an artist and a writer here also.

    Im line editing my first book right now and it's tough going as I wrote 450 pages about my travels thru Ukraine and the Islamic world. I wrote it over the past 16 months living out of a suitcase around the world. I sit around in tea shops and procrastinate which is probably your thing as a Tea Devourer. Today and other days I will think of you and be inspired by your sense of adventure.

    I know a bunch of alumnae from K College and I lived in Austin before too.

    RIP beautiful angel.

    Lots of love, David Swales