Friday, September 14, 2012

Dirty Lingo

So in the midst of all my post-graduation anxiety I packed up my car and drove across the country from Kalamazoo, MI to Phoenix, AZ.  It was a 36 hour drive through snow storms, mountains, and beautiful landscapes.  The trip was pretty terrifying- the longest I'd ever driven at one time was 6 hours, I didn't know anybody where I was going, and to say that I'm awkward and shy is the understatement of the year but this trip was just what I needed to feel like the last 4 years of college was good for something- cause god knows the job market wasn't helping with that.

When I arrived in Phoenix I lived in my car a bit, and hung out in coffee shops during the day looking for housing.  It wasn't the most comfortable way to live but it definitely gave me some perspective.  Luckily I found a CL add for a little house in Scottsdale fairly quickly- I met 2 amazing women at this house and within a few weeks I was living with them.  One of these women, Laura, runs the Phoenix branch of RAW.  An organization that collaborates with artists in local cities all over the US and gives them the opportunity to display their work.  Its totally AWESOME! check out their site

Anyway they were totally open and accepting of all my shyness and awkwardness and one night they invited me out to see a show.  Laura's boyfriend is in a band called "Dirty Lingo."  They make some killer music- really addicting melodies tied with some heavier lyrics- it makes for some damn good music.  They also do great covers of the beatles, nirvana, radiohead, etc. You gotta check these guys out!!!

The following pics are all related to the band 
 I was just messing around one day and made this up
 The lead singer asked me to do a photo of their band so this is them, done in marker and paper
I put it through photoshop to clean it up a bit and switch the 2 guitarists cause when they perform live they always stand in this order (opposite of how i originally drew it)

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